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Integrated Microsystems Laboratory
Department of Electical & Computer Engineering
McGill University
3480 University Street
Montreal, Quebec,
Canada H3A 2A7

Z. Zilic - Graduate Students and Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows.

  1. Ramy Alkhudary

Ph. D.

  1. Anastasios Alexandridis
  2. Ghassan Al-Sumaidaee
  3. Pavel Sinha (co-supervised with I. Psaromiglikos)
  4. Farimah Poursafaei (co-supervised with R. Rabbany)
  5. Mohammad Baba


M. Eng.

  1. Garrett Kinman
  2. Hanneli Andreazzi Tavante (co-supervised with M. Maheswaran)
  3. Katyayani Prakash
  4. Juan Carlos Borges
  5. Jack Hu
  6. Miguel Angel Alfaro Zapata
  7. Mian Hamza
  8. Juan Morency Trudel